One of the most frequent questions I am asked is, where are going to do your next consultations and seminars, and how do I make a reservation to see you.

Well – now you can log onto my Blog where I will keep you constantly updated on all of my activities. So whether I am visiting London, Lanark, Limerick or Llandudno, you will know and hear this first on my Blog.

Not only will you be able to read all the latest news about what I am doing as I am doing it, (especially if you follow my Facebook and my Twitter “Helenthehealer”), you will also be able to put your questions to me. Also, I can read your comments and I can generally keep you in touch with what I am doing on a daily basis.

As an alternative, please e-mail Richard on richardebull@gmail.com as he really does reply to peoples queries very quickly!

2018 is coming round very quickly and is going to be a very busy year for me. The most important news for me is that my autobiography, Hands of an Angelย has been very well received and I have now written the sequel which is to be published early 2018.

Now I have my blog, you will be able know where I am going and what am I doing as soon as I have made plans.

So follow my daily Blog to keep your-selves updated on my very latest events in the UK, Ireland and around the world.

71 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Hello there- I live in Cardiff and I wondered if you were ever in this area, and could do a private reading and healing,
    Many thanks

  2. Hi Helen could you please let me know when you are back in Dublin as I would like to meet you.
    I am enjoying your new Book Beyon Boundaries.
    So glad you found happiness with your husband Richard.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon

  3. Jeneine Mcintyre said:

    Helen your a beautiful soul ๐Ÿ’›

  4. Sheena mahon said:

    Hi helan i saw you on the 6 oclock show last friday . Would love to know were one could meet you . Went to my book shop this morning and had to order in your books . Your new one does not give a date when i can buy it in Ireland and were .would love so much to sit down and have a chat with you if at all possible . Your a very kind and nice lady
    Look forword to hearing from you
    Sheena mahon ( Bray co wicklow)

    • Dear Sheena. Thank you for your kind message. I am in Dublin on a regular basis, in Dun Laoghaire. You can buy my new book Beyond Boundaries from Amazon.co.uk, Book depository, Barnes and Noble and all the on line book stores. I believe you can order from DuBrays too. To be honest, I don’t know what Easons are up to. They stocked my last book, Hands of an Angel, and it went to number 4 in the Sunday Charts, but they are rather non comital for some reason at this time. Currently its only been available in hard back, but the paperback is now available to order. If you would like to make an appointment to meet me and have a consultation, you need to contact Richard on richardebull@gmail.com. Love and light Helen

      • Thank you for your beautiful message Helen looking forward to meeting you soon. Sheena

  5. Natalie Kearney said:

    Hi Helen ,
    My name is Natalie and Iโ€™m hoping to get a healing from you or message in some capacity
    Me and my husband are doing Ivf and Iโ€™m so nervous and I really want some advice please I feel our children are out there …
    Are we on the right path ?

    • Hi Natalie. Thank you for taking the time to write to me. IVF is always a very emotional time. I cannot comment upon your medical condition as I have had no contact with you. However, I am happy to put you on my Absent Healing list to send positive energy. For any enquiries concerning the diary, please ask Richard through the ENQUIRIES section of the website or richardebull@gmail.com I wish you are your husband every success. Love and light, Helen

  6. Martina Neuhold said:

    Out shopping the other day and felt compelled to go this little shopping centre for an icecoffee. There were some used books there and yours was the one I felt drawn to. The owner lent your book to me which I have read and enjoyed immensely even at times I had tears. My 89 yr old mum is now reading it also. Keep up the good work Helen xxxxxxx regards Martina.

  7. Christine said:

    Thank you, just finished your book and it confirmed a lot of things I felt. Now I will be open to more spiritual pathway and becoming more intuitive. Thank you for writing your book to help the world heal.

  8. Stephen Murrell said:

    Hi Helen
    Just finished your book and couldn’t put it down, fascinating and leaves me with so many questions about life and our purpose?
    Be grateful if you could let me know when you will be doing appointments in London.

    Thanks Steve

  9. Alice O'Gorman said:

    Hi Helen, im almost finished reading your book ‘hands of an angel’ for the second time and im as glued to it as I was the first time i read a few years ago. Im just after having an operation and i feel it has helped me get through the whole experience. It has been my constant companion throughout it all. I can’t wait for you’re new book to be published, i wish
    You the very best of luck with it. I’ll be the first in line to buy copy. Sending you love and light and a big thank you for sharing your story candour.healing gifts either the world. God bless you. Alice

  10. Hi Helen,
    Have just finished your book and was left wanting to read more. An exceptional book. You are a remarkable person.

  11. Vous faรฎtes constamment des postes passionnants

    • Kevin Coen said:

      Hi Helen & Richard
      We had a fantastic evening after your healing session with Geraldine
      We would really appreciate if you could let us know when you are in Irl again
      You went through a lot of issues with ger and was spot on
      I ve seen ger turn to just a shell over the last 12 months it is scary to witness
      Many thanks Kevin

  12. Hi Helen,

    I borrowed your book from the library and have since bought a copy to keep and read. When reading it, I feel peace, love and hope. You are an amazing lady. Thankyou for your kind words which make me smile.

    All my love

  13. Helen Lynch said:

    Hi Helen
    I just want to tell you that I have just finished reading your book and it touched me emotionally. I cried and empathised with you at similar moments in the story of your life. It has opened up a questioning in my life, what is my purpose etc. I believe we have Angels watching over us and guiding us. I am so happy to hear that my family members who have passed on are with us waiting for us to join them. Thank you

    • Dear Helen,

      Thank you for your lovely comments and I am pleased you enjoyed the book. It gives me great joy to know you experienced such emotion. I thank you too.



  14. And would also like to say a big thankyou too lots of love to you Helen xxx

  15. sara scrimshaw said:

    Hello Helen,
    Allow Me To Introduce Myself To You, My Name Is Sara And I am A Young Lady With Autism, I have Just Finished Reading Your Book Hands Of An Angel, and I thought It was Absoloutely Brilliant. more Please. as I beleive In the After Life And Very Much Beleive In The Angels. Sara

  16. beryl shaw said:

    Hi Helen
    Have almost finished your book and loved it and Sam is such a sweetheart .I felt similarity in your childhood as well the connection and lo e of parents etc. I’m sure you connect with many others as well. I felt I was with you . Am looking forward to your next book
    Wish you much happier essential in life Beryl

  17. My son gave me as Christmas present this special book (funny to say that I was looking at it at the shop a few days before). He said “Mum, I think you would love this book, read it!”…and is true I just finished reading and I loved it, it is so inspiring and reminds me so much of the love that I have for my Nana too… I cried and smiled at the same time.
    Thank you!
    Monica (Australia)

    • Hi Monica,

      I am so pleased you had my book for Christmas and extra pleased you enjoyed so much!

      I am still endeavouring to come to Australia, so please keep a look out for me.


  18. Hi Helen,
    I have just finished reading your book… Found it strange how I got led to your book in the library in the religious and spiritual section 3rd shelf down! Amazing!! Just wondering if you might be visiting the north west anytime soon? Would love to meet you and give a big hug xxx

    • Hi Lindsay,

      I am pleased fate guided you to my book in the library, and you enjoyed. Keep on eye on the BLOG to see where I might be. Always happy for a hug.


  19. Maeve Lee said:

    Hi Helen, I am halfway through your book and enjoying it, I would love to join in the distant healing but sadly it would be 1.30am here when you do it, any chance you will come to Dubai one day? We are back in the UK next month and will be in Llandudno do you do consultations in that area?
    Anyway the best of luck for the future ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx

    • Maeve Lee said:

      ps. just finished your book and it’s given me hope ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s a funny thing I started married life in Colwyn Bay and my husband is called Richard who also worked in Riyadh at the same time as your first husband, I joined him a year later and spent 2yrs there with our young daughter, I have read books by Doreen Stokes, Doreen Virtue and Lorna Bryne but yours has struck a cord within me, I would value any further reading you might like to suggest ๐Ÿ™‚ keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚ Maeve xxx

    • Dear Maeve,

      Thank you for your lovely message and I am pleased you have enjoyed my book. The next one is almost finished!

      I would love to come to Dubai, but I wouldn’t know how to organise any type of event there. Maybe, if there any bookshops I could do a book signing!!

      Thank you for your encouragement.

      Very best wishes,


  20. Hi there Helen,
    any chance you might consider coming to Cambridgeshire for a spiritual healing seminar ? I have just read your book in superquick time and thoroughly enjoyed it, Kath x

    • Hi Kath,
      Glad you enjoyed the book, the sequel should be ready soon. There is no reason I cannot come to Cambridgeshire. I will ask Richard to look into the possibility.
      Best wishes,

  21. lorraine mc auley said:

    Hi Helen
    I have just finished your book and loved it..Best of Irish luck with everything you do.Lorraine..

  22. All I can say is wow…loved your book and all the informaton you provided in it, along with your life story. Thank you so much for the insight..I look forward to the second installment!
    Love and Light Always,

    • Dear Sheena

      I am really happy you enjoyed the book. I am working hard on the next one at the moment. There is so much to write, I really do believe there will be several to follow. It’s hard to decide what to leave out!!

      The second book might be out for Christmas 2013, so keep a look out.



  23. Hi Helen
    My name is Lourdes from South Africa my partner and I were going on a cruise being the first time my nerves had taken over me the day before we were leaving I ran into to a book shop and thought all I need is a good book,( you see I am an angel freak) so in my mind I said please God and Angels lead me to a good book, went straight to the corner where the Christian books are kept ran my finger through and read Hands of an Angel took it out read the back of the book and thought this is the book I did not care who Helen Parry Jones was. Well let me tell you a good book on a ship for 3 days was one of my best holidays. I respect and acknowledge Helen Parry Jones now looking forward for your next book.

    Lourdes Luiz

    • Dear Lourdes

      It’s wonderful to hear you were guided to my book even when out at sea! Although I have never been, I believe South Africa is a wonderful country. I truly hope to visit one day soon.

      I am pleased you enjoyed reading about my childhood and I know you will enjoy the second instalment about my early adult life once it is published.



  24. I’ve just read your book it was the quickest I’ve ever read a book in my life it took two days and two very late nights but was so worth it I borrowed it from the library but have since ordered two copies to be delivered one to my dear mum and one to my sister who live a few miles away from me, I can’t wait for them to read it THE BEST BOOK I’VE EVER READ THANKYOU so much please hurry and right the next one.

    • Dear Cheryl

      Thank you for your kind words about my book. I am sure your mum and sister will enjoy.

      I have spent all day today working on the second book which starts where the last one finishes. I have been writing about the special signs the spirit world offer us to prove their commitment to us, a chapter which I am confident you will enjoy.

      So many people now want the next instalment of my life, so I promise to continue until this manuscript is complete.

      Very best wishes


  25. jill bosher said:

    I have just finished reading your lovely book, and might add was a little upset having come to the end, as in the little spare time i have your book gave me great pleasure!
    My dear friend has recently opened a spiritual shop/center to help gifted people like yourself to help others.

    • Dear Jill

      I am so pleased you enjoyed the book. I am having a tea break while writing my next book and just read your message. Thank you for your kind remarks. You have just inspired me to go back to the keyboard: if I finish soon you can read the follow-on for next Christmas.

      Warmest wishes


  26. Hi Helen
    I just finished reading your book I really enjoyed it couldn’t put it down .so no housework done for couple of days ha
    I live in Dublin and was wondering if you ever do private reading here in Dublin

    And thanks again for the wonderfull insight in to your life

    • Hi Suzanne

      Thank you for your kind remarks about my book. I am so very pleased you enjoyed and thought it was a good read.

      I travel to Ireland about twice a month to offer Private Appointments and normally work from The Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire. To make an appointment in Dublin, I need your telephone number so I can contact you to discuss, so please email your number through my website. I can then contact you direct and will be able to offer you an appointment.


  27. Georgina Pope (nina) said:

    Hi Helen

    I have just finished reading your book – fantastic, could not put it down. I have always felt a pull to the spiritual side of life and indeed this has grown over the last4 or so years. Your book has encouraged me to delve further and develop the ability I have doubted.

    All the very best,


    • Dear Nina

      I am really pleased you have enjoyed my book. I am working hard trying to complete the follow-on.

      I am pleased you have found the positive strength within you to discover the spiritual within.

      Warmest wishes,


  28. Dear Helen

    I just seen you on The Saturday Night Show on RTE and was wondering could you help me as I have a terminal illness. I got really bad news during the week and I just feel a real connection to you since I seen you tonight on TV.

    Please email me at your earliest convenience and we can arrange a meeting.

    Kindest Regards


    • Dear Dan
      I am so sorry that you are experiencing such a terrible illness.
      In order to get a link to my email so I can appropriately correspond with you, please email me through the CONTACT section of my website.
      My healing thoughts are with you.

  29. Dawn wilbrey said:

    Hi Helen ,could you explain if this makes any sense to you ,I keep feeling a kind of bubbling or fizzing sensation in middle of body, it seems to radiate down my arms then my hands get very warm,what is happening? thankyou for your last reply, Dawn

  30. Dawn wilbrey said:

    Dear Helen, im reading your book at present . I’ve had similar experiences , Could you suggest somewhere or someone who can help me develop my healing skills, Dawn

  31. Melissa said:

    Dear Helen,
    Thank you so much for meeting me in Turkey your words truly changed my life & I have never experienced anything like that before. You have such an amazing gift & I’m sure it won’t be long before everyone notices you for the amazing person you really are. The book is great so gripping I can’t put it down! On the final 20 pages but just don’t want it to end! Cannot wait for the next one & to see u again.
    I will continue to tell everyone I know about the book & when they read it I’m sure they will do the same.
    Best wishes & all my love
    Melissa xxxx

    • Dear Melissa,
      Thank you for your kind words. I am really pleased you enjoyed the book. The next one is coming along and I know you will love it!! Keep spreading the word.

      • Anna Fornari said:

        I am glad to hear that the next book is coming soon……….I finished to read your first book last week and I wanted to read more of your story with the Angel’s.

  32. Gaynor Gillgrass said:

    Dear Helen, your website is great. I was privileged to meet you many times in the late 90’s when you were in Rhyl. I saw you in a group session in Bodelwyddan Castle and also over the funeral parlour in Rhyl and several times in a one-to-one at your in-laws bungalow and then your own home in Colwyn Bay. You helped me tremendously at the time as I was going through a divorce and you really gave me the strength to believe I could manage on my own and I would do well. You were so accurate and good and healed my 13 year old son that a few years later I wanted to see you again and have been wondering where you were. My son (27 now) had a dream about Ireland last night and typed your name in google this morning and found you! I am so pleased that you have the world wide recognition you deserve. Big hug from me xxx

    • Dear Gaynor,
      Doesn’t the time fly. It only seems recent when I was having my clairvoyance groups at my offices in Rhyl, and then at my Healing Centre at Bod Castle. I am really pleased you benefited so much from our time together. I appreciate your kind words of appreciation. Yes about Ireland – Ireland is so much part of my life these days. However, I am still working from Colwyn Bay, so when you feel the need you know I am still available for appointments. Our children do grow so very quickly. Like yours, mine are all adults now, even my baby! Have you read my book?? I am sure you will enjoy the read. Take care.
      Helen xxx

      • Gaynor Gillgrass said:

        Hi Helen,

        Yes I’d love to come and see you again in Colwyn Bay on a one to one so please let me know when you are available so I can book an appointment next time you are here.

        Best wishes always,

        Gaynor xxx

      • Dear Gaynor,
        Please email Richard with your telephone number so he can call you.

        Looking forward to seeing you again.

        With happiness

  33. sarah hulse said:

    Thank you so much for speaking to me today, you have given me hope when I thought I had none. Your answers mean so much to me, I can’t put in to words how much you have helped me. Thank you again xxx

  34. joskehan said:

    Looking good Helen. xxx

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