About Helen

Helen Explains:

As a professional healer, people often ask me: ‘Helen, what is it that you do?’

I believe that all my work falls into the category of healing. That the people I come into contact with are sent to me in order that I can fill them with positivity and healing energy, so they can face whatever challenge lies before them.

Whether I am administering hands-on healing to alleviate a physical illness, or giving you a message from your family in spirit or from one of the many Guides, Guardian Guides, Angels or Arch-Angels that I am able to see, or even if I send you absent healing from many miles away . . . it all comes under the auspices of healing.

This gift has been given to me from the highest of all energy sources and I welcome the opportunity to share it with you. I have noticed in my work that when communication is involved, I become the equivalent to a telephone line between two dimensions; when physical healing is performed I become a transformer, to enable spiritual energy to pass quickly into the earthly body.

What I have learned is that LOVE is the key. It is through this invisible force that everything flourishes. It is the nourishment necessary for our spiritual growth. We cannot prove love’s existence but we can feel it. In the same way, it is possible there are other realities far beyond our grasp or understanding.

So many people glibly state that there is no such thing as the spirit world. Well, I say to those people: prove that it does not exist.

Helen’s first strong memory of her spiritual awareness is an incident which happened when she was four. From then on, Helen was aware of not only seeing but also hearing the spirit world around her more and more strongly. In the flat where they lived, Helen repeatedly heard an old woman banging on the ceiling and calling her name. Finally , Helen’s mother went to investigate. The gentleman who lived in the flat above told her about his mother, who had been bed-ridden and had banged on the floor to call attention, and who had died twelve months before. Because of her ‘imaginary friends’, Helen was taken to see a doctor. Luckily, in a time when ‘this sort of thing’ was not spoken about, this particular doctor advised Helen’s parents to simply let her be, and not to worry too much about it.

Helen’s life went on. She attended school and made friends and studied to become a dental nurse, whilst every day seeing things around her that were unexplainable, seeing and hearing people that no-one else could and passing on messages to those around her. Finally, in her mid-twenties, Helen took the courageous step to give up her successful dentistry career and to begin a career as a medium and healer.

From this point onwards, Helen has hardly had a moment to herself, being kept busy with private sittings, clinics and seminars for both small and large audiences, and it is a career that has, understandably, been well documented by the press.

If you are interested and would like to read more about Helen’s life in her new autobiograhy, ‘Hands of an Angel’, you can read free extracts from the book on Amazon which you can find here, and then you ‘click’ on the product image of Helen’s book, ‘click to view inside’.


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