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I have created a special area here where you can write a message to Tell me and share with others about what you thought of my book, ‘Hands of an Angel’, or maybe share an experience you might have had during a Private Consultation with me or while attending one of my Groups or Seminars.

By sharing your feelings and experiences in this way, you could have a positive and profound effect on someone else. Your experience could constructively open an enquiring mind of someone whom needs help or guidance.

Alternatively, you can Ask me a question about the Spirit-world, and topics related to Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Communication, that is on your mind.

If you have something you need to ‘Ask me or Tell me’, please post below:


24 thoughts on “Ask or Tell Helen”

  1. Elizabeth said:

    Hello Helen
    Could you please tell me if a telephone reading will be as accurate as a one on one with you? Also, where are you based if I come to you for a reading or cannyou give me a list of this years seminars that I may be able to attend. Thank you

    • Hi Elizabeth, Yes…. telephone consultations are as accurate as a one-to-one and are very popular. Currently I have no seminars in the pipeline, but with the launch of my new book soon I really need to organise some!! You can see me from home in North wales, at my clinic in Dublin, or I am currently trying to organise something in London. Thank you for writing to me. Best wishes, Helen

  2. Like many other people I recently finished reading Hands of an Angel, and was sorry when I came to the end of the book. It was an amazing read, and have already recommended it to others. Well done Helen absolutely amazing. Am so looking forward to the follow up, lets hope it is not too long before it is available.

  3. Hi Helen,

    Do you do private readings? I live in north wales and would love to know what you have to say.

  4. Thank you Helen. I thoroughly enjoyed your book. I have had so many experiences in life that have announced there is more to life than I can see. Reading your book has opened up to me that not everything unknown is to be feared. I also find I am trusting my intuition more and most of the time it’s right. I would love to organise a reading with you one day it would have to be via the phone as I am in Australia. Once again thank you for writing this book it has changed me.

    • Hi Leonie,

      I am so sorry for not replying sooner, I don’t know how I missed your post.

      I often have telephone appointments from Australia, so when you feel the time is right for you, please contact me through email on my website.

      I wish you well in developing your own spirituality and expanding your open mind.

      Glad you enjoyed the book too!

      Very best wishes,


  5. I just finished your book Hands of an Angel after devouring it in only two days, not any easy task with three young kids but I loved it. I moved to Chester from the USA when I was little and grew up there so it was great to be able to picture the scenes. The book is not just a spiritual tale but also very well written, filled with great narratives. Long may you continue to spread your light.x

    • Dear Kate

      Thank you for your kind remarks about my book. Chester is a lovely city and I always feel at home when I visit, … … rarely now unfortunately.

      The follow on book will be out soon!

      Very best wishes

      Helen x

  6. Paula Evans said:

    Helen as a new follower I would be delighted if you would arrange a seminar up in North Wales or the North West. I know quite a number of people who would love to attend. Many thanks, Paula Evans.

    • Dear Paula

      Welcome to my Blog. Organising an event locally is high on my agenda, but as yet not in the pipeline!! Please keep an eye on the blog or even email me from time to time.

      Very best wishes, Helen

  7. Dawn Wilbrey said:

    Hello Helen I’ve just started reading your book and really enjoying it. I have noticed that some of the things that happened to you are similar to what happens to me over last two years. My hands get very hot and sometimes able to feel their symptoms and heal them. I also get dreams of events before they happen. I would like to know how to develop these skiills . I also feel a glow around me or a vibrating feeling in my limbs. Hope you can suggest something ,thanks Dawn

    • Hi Dawn,
      We could talk for hours on how many people receive premonitions or messages through dreams, it is a massive topic. This is a separate subject to Healing, however some dreams may well have a Healing message of some sort.
      It does sound very much like you have the onset of a Healing ability. I feel the best thing you could do is join the NFSH and attend some lectures or possibly you might want to attend one of the many Healing courses they offer. Alternatively, maybe there is a Healing organisation near to you who can help you develop – try your local Spiritualist Church for local information. At first, maybe you could limit Healing to helping your family and friends.
      Please let me know how you progress.
      Very warm wishes, Helen

  8. David Kinsey said:

    Hi Helen, I just want to thank you for coming to Leigh library on 16 August. My Mother and I had only expected to hear you talk about your book but we were very pleased to take part in your group demonstration of spiritual healing too. My Mother was very grateful for your touch and felt the aches in her shoulders ease and her spirit raised. We have told others about the event and hope that you may repeat your visit when your book comes out in paperback. We look forward to the publication of your next volume and hope for many more.
    Thanks, David

    • Dear David
      Your sentiments are very much appreciated. You have a wonderful library in Leigh and it was a priviledge to hold an “Authors Talk” in front of so many people. I am so pleased the healing helped your mother, I find it very rewarding when people write in and tell me how they have improved. Remind your Mother that she can do the Absent Healing anytime and anywhere! I hope you enjoy the book; the next one will be published next year, so keep an eye out for it!! Please keep in touch.
      Very warm wishes, Helen

  9. Michelle said:

    Hi Helen, thank you for your book which I very much enjoyed. As a young teenager, I also read Doris Stokes books and from then on was always aware and interested in the wonderous gifts bestowed on people like yourself. However, the more I read about love and family, the more upset I become. I have virtually no family, just my parents, one of whom has passed to the spirit world. My Dad was also an only child, with very little family on my mothers side. I unfortunately never married and I never became the mother I always dreamed of being. Having no family on earth, will I still be lonely in the spirit world if everyone else is being reunited with their families? While I know this is not logical, it constantly worries me. Thanks.

    • I think the spirit world is a loving place for those of us with good in our hearts and I don’t think anyone will be left alone as you fear. As we all have guides who watch over us and I am sure loving spirits will be there to guide you over to the other side when your time and my time comes. I come from a smallish immediate family too. In fact I think it can be a busy realm! But that is just my own amateur view as a member of the public who has had a lifelong interest in this. We are never completely alone.

  10. mary sadlier said:

    Thank you, Helen. I look forward to receiving it.

  11. Mary Sadlier said:

    I am waiting eagerly to get the recording of my reading in Limerick from Richard.
    Will you give him a nudge to forward it to me ?

    • Hi Mary,
      I am sorry you are having to wait for your recording, but I have a large batch I have as yet to download onto my computer. I know it can take me a little while, this is why I offer the recordings as a complementary service.
      I am confident the wait will be worthwhile once received.
      Best wishes,
      Helen x

  12. mary sadlier said:

    I was very moved and felt reassured after my meeting with you in Limerick recently.
    It is such a relief to know that my loved ones are happy and at peace. When I discussed the reading with my family, they could see the significance of several things which I had missed at the time.
    I look forward to getting the recorded conversation as I am afraid I may have missed other things as well.
    While you were speaking, my heart was yearning with emotion but my head was in a spin, trying to memorise it all and trying to process it at the same time.
    Next time, I will relax into it.
    Thank you, Helen, and God bless the work,

    • Dear Mary, I am so glad you enjoyed your sitting. Yes, the recordings are very helpful for the reasons you mention. I am planning to come West again about 18th July, so watch the blog for exact dates.
      Best wishes,

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