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“I would like to talk with you about a book that I’ve just been reading. It is “Hands of an Angel” by spiritual healer and clairvoyant Helen Parry Jones. How on earth can I describe a real gem to you all? How can I describe the love and healing that is glowing within this book, or the deep spiritual truths almost all chapters hold and how deeply touching Helen Parry Jones’s life story is?

As you know, I’m not a stranger to what Helen Parry Jones is doing in her life and reading Helen’s book, brought me to deeper layers of understanding of the spiritual world, our earth and of myself.

Here is an example of a spiritual insight: Helen describes how her Guardian Guide Sam reveals to her, that he is not really there to teach her, but that Helen is teaching Sam.  Sam tells her that Helen’s spirit is from a “higher place”, one he cannot visit. As Sam explains to Helen:  “caring for and being a Guide to you (Helen) in this earthly way will form part of my (Sam’s) learning and spiritual progression”. Page 212.

I can thoroughly and wholeheartedly recommend this gem-of-a-book if you want to grow spiritually, get a deeper understanding of the world around you and of a happy, loving, healing awareness. Reading this book will enrich your life.” – Karin Schlüter Lonegren ( )


I was sent this book by the lovely people at Random House who asked me if I would kindly read and review it for them. I gladly accepted as I am somewhat of a book-worm and love all aspects of spirituality. Here is my open, and honest review of the book.
This is not just the story of a young girl and woman’s spiritual journey who is now an inspirational lady to many. It is more than that. This book contains over 345 pages of true spirituality. There is a real deep and truly enlightening message in the pages of this book. A message that needs to be heard, that needs to be read, that needs to be known. By everyone.

The book begins with a rather *flash* introduction of the life of Helen Parry-Jones as it is now which is lovely to read, however the read story of how this gifted lady got to where she is now begins from chapter 1, page 1. Marking the life of a young girl born into a family full of love, yet unsure of how to express that love to each other perhaps would have been enough for many to ignore their spiritual gift of being able to heal. But not Helen. She began seeing spirit very young when her Guardian Guide Sam made himself known. Visiting her throughout her childhood, teaching her many things that she already knew before she incarnated upon the Earth plane to begin her journey of spreading healing and love, Sam became perhaps her best friend and confidant in the tough times that she was to face.

Encountering many people coming and going in her young life, this did not deter Helen from continually trying to love and heal wherever she went. Even though it wasn’t until she was in her late twenties with two young children that her Mother did not begin to open up to the fact that her daughter, Helen, did in fact have spiritual sight, Helen maintained her belief in the spirit world from childhood to the present day. A strong spirit in an Earthly body, this lady is not one that will be swayed easily. Her detemination, trust, belief and love for the Spirit World, I believe has sustained her throughout her life and will continue to do so.

Through reading this book my own spiritual abilities have had a re-awakening that could be likened to having a Spring Clean. I recalled messages from my own guides and angels, along with the many messages, visions and in fact experiences I’d had as a child and young adult. I have managed to read this book in around about a week as it was gripping to read as I desperately wanted each chapter to provide more knowledge, more healing and in fact the ong thing I feel Helen wanted as a child and indeed a young adult, her parents to fully believe that she could see and speak with spirit.

I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in not just *how people started their spiritual journey*, but are interested in true, honest and non-jaded teachings from the Spirit World. This “extraordinary” story of a woman’s power to heal and speak with spirit, doesn’t just give you a feeling of hope within your hearts, but also a knowledge of how we can live a meaningful life knowing that Spirit walk with us and if we open our hearts, we can knowingly walk with Spirit in harmony.

Rating out of 10.0 ~ 10.0


“This is a rare and enriching book. As spiritual healing goes, this book is destined to become an important bestseller. Helen writes with angelic insight and clarity demystifying the mediumistic and healing experience, while providing an insight into her life as an exceptionally gifted spiritual healer and medium. It is an inspiration, a gift of a book, with all the spirit at its heart.” – Robert Collier-James (5 Star)


“Dear Helen, I just wanted to thank you for letting the world get to know you and your special gift through your powerful and touching book “Hands of and Angel”. I am an avid reader but have never explored the “Spiritual” genre. On holiday, we stayed at a friends in Galway. I am always searching for new reading material, and I noticed a book on the bedside table. I read the back then went on to read the first chapter. I was looking for a birthday gift for a dear friend, and decided your book would be perfect for her. She is very spiritual. I ordered it as soon as I arrived back in Canada. My friend called me to say how amazing the book was and that she couldn’t put it down. I was happy I made that choice, but never intended to read it myself. When she finished it, she gave it to me to read. I really never thought I would read it. It was not my usual reading material. I found myself with nothing to read one evening and picked your book up to read as I soaked in the tub. I cannot articulate how much your book meant to me, and my own personal healing with the loss of my Mother. The effect was profound and life changing. Your words gave me such a sense of peace knowing that my Mom was in a better place. Not suffering anymore. Most importantly, that she was still with me. Thank you Helen for giving me and the world the gift of your words. I tell everyone that they must read this book. I even posted it on my facebook page today. Thank you for helping me to heal. I look at life very differently now. There is so much more light and understanding. Warm Regards” – Alison Hegarty.  (Condensed)


“My book arrived this morning, just havent been able to put it down this is what has been needed for years since the doris stokes books come to an end THE BOOK IS PRICELESS certinly recomend hope the are more books to come in the future.” – N. Williams (5 Stars)


“Dear  Helen. We met recently on a flight with Monarch Airlines and you told me how you had written a book about your life. When I got back to base I couldn’t stop telling everyone about this lady I had met, whom I felt had a natural warmth and kindness. I meet many people in my line of work, but with you I felt something completely different. So I looked up your book and was quite taken by surprise! Of course I had to read it, which I have just finished. Everyone is so shocked, for me to sit down and read a book is unheard of! Well Helen I could not put it down! An absolute triumph! It was so interesting and at times moved me close to tears! Well done! I have told all my colleagues, friends and family about it and the story behind how I have come to read your book. They all want to borrow it and said they will get a copy! Reading your book has helped me a great deal and given me some inner peace. So once again it was lovely to meet you and many best wishes. Hope you can remember me!” – Stuart Thacker. Cabin Crew, Monarch.


“After years and months of pain and frustration (and thousands of euros spent on conventional treatments) it was Helen who finally unlocked the ‘key’ to the symptoms I was suffering and gave me the boost I needed. I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me. The weekend after my first healing session with her I read her book in one sitting. What an amazing, inspiring read. I wish everyone could have a taste of Helen’s gift and read her story. Thank you Helen.” – Derata (5 Stars)


“Hands of an Angel was an amazing book and a really good read. Having attended healing sessions with Helen (with wonderful success), I felt two people had written the book! The narrative of Helen’s life was told by the Helen I know but when she was speaking the words given to her by her Spirit Guide Sam it was a totally different style of writing. Knowing Helen, it is evident that she was certainly channelled by Sam in writing his messages from the spirit world. Hands of an Angel was a great read and left me with a belief that the spirit world is watching over and guiding us. I would certainly recommend the book.” – Betty (5 Stars)


“Much praise for this book which turned out to be an amazing read. I was absolutely engrossed from the start of page 1. Helen appeared to be writing from her heart and soul and I have to admit I was fascinated by her spirit guide Sam,wondering what my spirit guide looked like. Quite humorous in parts but mainly a very serious narrative of one woman’s persistence through her childhood and adulthood to come to terms with her special gift. For those of us new to knowledge of the spirit world and that includes me, this book is a well recommended read.” – Sapphire (5 Stars)


“A very inspiring book to read, gives a lot of food for thought. Helen Parry Jones gives a lot of detailed input.” – Bobby (5 Stars)


“I had never heard of Helen Parry Jones until last December when my sister told me she had just read an amazing book and asked if I would like a loan of same. From the moment I opened Helen’s book and began reading about her incredible life story I was captivated. Helen is so honest and brave in sharing her story with us. Her journey has been a struggle to have her voice heard and this is what saddened me. Helen has a wonderful gift that she has had to come to terms with and learn to accept. Helen has chosen to go out into the world and share this gift to help so many people. I knew after reading Helen’s book I wanted to meet her as I felt she could help me. I was delighted to meet Helen this week for a private consultation. I am still reeling from the experience. Helen is a beautiful person and would light up any room. I have gone for spiritual readings in the past but nothing will compare to the experience I had in the past few days. The accuracy of information and messages from deceased family members was fantastic. I would recommend Helen’s book to anyone who has an interest in the spiritual world but it’s only the tip of the iceberg in comparison to actually meeting Helen herself.” – L. Neville (5 Stars)


“I have tried to compose a review for the truly wonderful book that touched my very soul.. but nothing I can say would do it justice.. you will have to just read it for yourself.I promise you one thing it will make you cry, but it will also open your eyes and I hope your heart.” – Ruth Johnston (5 Stars)


“Excellent! This book was given to me as a gift, it was an absolute pleasure to read. Truly inspiring, I feel this book is almost therapy! The book seems to be a very honest account of a clearly gifted woman and her journey through life. I warmed to this lady after the first few pages and by the end of the book this lady became a very good friend! A must read for anyone whatever your belief, I am sure you will be left feeling like you want more, I certainly did!” – Debbie (5 Stars)


“Helen’s book will bring you on a journey that is full of wonder, excitement, learning and above all a very brave life experience that you will not be able to stop reading. Her realistic and grounded approach to sharing her life as a healer will bring healing into your own life as you turn every page. I am already looking forward to her next book.” – Keith Gaskin (5 Stars)


“In a brief, Helen’s book is amazing, very enjoyable to read, could not leave it out of my hand. A wonderful story of her life and her amazing gift. After reading it, i felt very uplifted. I laughed through parts of the book. I look forward to Helen writing another book and also hope to see her this year sometime. Congrats on a wonderful book. Best wishes.” – Trishy Smith (5 Stars)


“This book is unique because it got my attention from page 1. I was drawn to it and didn’t want to put it down. Helen is open and sincere but above all , she speaks from the heart . The reader joins her on her journey through life.” – Maura Garrigan (5 Stars)


“Helen treats us to a frank account of her difficult childhood; a journey of discovery far greater than most of us could ever imagine, and one made all the more painful by the fact that even her own parents were unable to embrace what was happening to her. She gives us a vivid insight into the spirit world – a world so familiar to her, yet one which remains unfathomable to many and which is still regarded by orthodox science as an anomaly. It is probable that most people who buy this book will already be familiar with the spirit world. One can only hope that it might somehow fall into the hands of those who really need to hear what Helen has to say, and that they don’t dismiss it too readily. It is all too easy to turn your back on things you don’t understand, or cannot explain, yet the discipline of physics is founded on a set of `given’ principles, some of which have never been proven. How sad it is that so many people are not prepared to take a similar leap of faith when it comes to what is often misleadingly referred to as the `paranormal’.

This is more than an account of the life of a very gifted healer, more than an insight into life beyond death; it is a poignant, inspiring and often amusing journey which carries within it a message of hope and love for us all. I urge people to cast aside their scepticism and read Helen’s remarkable story for themselves.” – BellaBaggins (5 Stars)


“I knew before i even started this book, that while i would read it, I’d let the house fall down around me – nothing else would get done.(no point the kids shouting ‘Mom’ as i was on another planet).It’s unputdownable.

Helen writes so sweetly,honestly and from the heart….and has such a wonderful story to tell.From the start i was enthralled, it allowed me to know Helen in a very personal way which i never expected;it’s like one of those times where you drink loads of tea over several hours with someone you know, and come away having really experienced her life.

….such a lovely,heart-warming, enjoyable,and revealing read, with fantastic insight into our ‘real’ world through Helen.” – Michelle (5 Stars)


“Spiritual healing is an underutilised and underappreciated complement to standard medical therapy and Helen is an expert. At the very least her healing sessions improve people’s ability to cope with illness, and there have been several reports of near miraculous results from people who have seen her over the years. I was curious to learn about her background and the origin of her skill and this book did just that. I look forward to the next one!!” – Michele Hill (5 Stars)


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Hands of an Angel, by Helen Parry-Jones (Book Review)

Review by Andrea Baines (Founder of HNI)

Helen Parry-Jones is a gifted Spiritual Medium and Healer.

“Hands of an Angel” is Helen’s own story of how, with the help of her spirit guide Sam, she developed her natural ability to not only see the spirit world and learn to understand the mechanics of mediumship, but also her discovery of how she could “see into” people’s bodies, discover what ails them and provide the healing they need.

Helen comes across as a very unassuming, down-to-earth and compassionate human being, whose extraordinary abilities have enabled her to heal many people over the course of her life so far. She explains how healing comes in many forms; from relaying spirit messages from loved ones who have passed over, to channelling loving energy through her hands to others.

Despite having some unquestionable spiritual experiences as a small child and teenager, Helen tells of her great frustrations and difficulties in being so different from her friends and family, and her struggle to make her parent’s believe in her experiences. Though her faith is tested many times, it is through sheer perseverance, dedication to spirit and compassion for people and animals that Helen continued to follow her intuitions not to ignore her abilities, despite the lack of support of those closest to her.

As you follow Helen’s story you will discover some very valuable teachings that Helen received from her guide, Sam; about how we live our lives, about love and forgiveness, why we suffer pain, and the opposing forces of other dimensions. What is also very moving in this book is that Helen gave space to relay Sam’s heartbreaking account of his own life and death.

Helen is from England, but regularly visits Ireland, having secured a Sunday evening slot on Dublin’s Sunshine FM.

“Hands of an Angel” is a wonderfully inspiring and enjoyable story.


Reviewed by author Alexis Mohr

Helen Parry Jones’s Hands of an Angel is a poignant and appealing memoir. It is an account of the development of her spiritual gifts at a very early age and the accompanying rejection she suffered when her parents refused to believe that they had a daughter with extraordinary powers. As her spiritual and healing gifts unfolded, her parents’ inability to cope with the strange phenomena that followed their daughter created a deep wound, which Jones refers to often throughout the book and which clearly caused her great pain.

Throughout the years, her father suffered from worsening heart disease, which he would not allow her to treat. This, too, deepened her sense of inadequacy in helping those whom she loves most. Jones paints a tender picture of the many difficulties which arise in the course of an extraordinary life, such as her parents’ continually accusing her of lying. Where much is given, indeed, much is required. In Jones’s case, that included her considerable suffering surrounding her parents’ resistance to being pulled into the world of spirit.

Jones’s realization of her extraordinary abilities began at the age of four when children are easily confused by the world around them. So great were the clarity and vividness of her visions that she could not differentiate between beings made of flesh and blood and those who were pure spirit. Gradually, she began to understand that she was straddling two worlds, only one of which was visible to other people.

Jones’s most important relationship has been with an unembodied spirit who calls himself Sam. He has been her mentor throughout most of her life and has helped her to make sense of her bi-world citizenship. Sam has coached her on the meaning behind her painful life lessons, of which there have been many. This insight into the meaning of life may be Jones’s most important gift of all. More than seeking healing and special favors, most of us seek meaning and understanding in the course of our daily lives and cherish the hope that one day we will find a satisfying answer. Why has this befallen me or someone I care about? How can I find meaning in these painful circumstances? Having someone along the way to provide perspective, insight and sound advice is an advantage that most of us would cherish above more sensational gifts that bring with them the obvious obstacles of notoriety and a public life.

Jones’s memoir is written in a conversational and intimate tone and is disarmingly unpretentious. It is a book that will be loved by many for its candid self-disclosure, frankness and glimpses into the spirit world.

Alexis Mohr


“I just wanted to say what a wonderful gift your story has been to me this past week. I struggled to put it down as I was so enthralled by it all and related to so many parts of it. I am going through my own spiritual journey too and this year has been very challenging for all the right reasons. So I feel blessed and even though sometimes I am down and unmotivated I start remembering the words I have already read and there is just something so meaningful about your story.” – Tamar Peters

“AMAZING so inspiring and forward thinking for 2012 and beyond.

It really made me understand more about life and death. I liked how down to earth it is and it also made me laugh and cry! I think everyone should read this book. I can’t wait to read the next book!” – Fiona Ditterich (5 Stars)


“This book is a must read for anyone who has an intrest in spiritual healing or would like to make sense of angels and how they influence our reality. It was a delightful read which left me wanting to know more.” – Kiki (5 Stars)


“To hold this book in your hands and to absorb the truth of an innocent, enlightened being is an honour and a joy. More please, more!” – Heulwen Haf (5 Stars)


“This book is amazing, I couldn’t put the book down, I just kept reading and reading. I would defo recommend this book very enjoyable. I loved – excellent read.” – Debs (5 Stars)


“Dear Helen, I have just finished reading your book and I loved it. You touched my heart with your loving honesty.” – Judith


“Hi, I have just read your book – Hands of an Angel. It is the best book I have ever read, I feel that I have gained so much from it although I cant put it into words how it has! I feel that this book will help lots of people me included. Thanks.” – Lynn


“I really enjoyed reading this book. It flows well and is gripping! I particularly likes the parts about Helen’s school and family experiences. It’s a great recreation of childhood and growing up and reminds one of what children and young people sometimes have to go through – bullying, bereavement, being misunderstood, upheaval, violent events, threats in the neighbourhood..this is a very REAL book, written by a very ordinary person who has a very extraordinary gift. Well done and thank you!” – Anna Lubelska, Director of Spiritual England.


“This book was one of the best Christmas present’s I have ever received. Given to me near the end of a very hard year, it brought me into the new year full of positivity and hope. It is beautifully yet simply written with positive teachings about life, all the while telling Helen’s story about her struggles with her gift. It is a true gift Helen has given us by sharing some of Sam’s teachings and insights into the spirit world. After reading this book I also had the pleasure of meeting Helen for a reading and she did not dissapoint. A truly beautiful person who was able to give me special messages from some of my loved ones that she could not have possibly known and her messages were clear and very specific. I would highly recommend reading this book and if possible to have a reading from Helen if your suffering after a bereavment or even at a low ebb in your life. I look forward to her next book and to hopefully meeting her again!!” – Nicola Kelly.


“Just finished your book: brilliant Helen.” – Martina Burke


“Really enjoyed this book, I could not put it down once I started reading it I had to keep going. Its a lovely insight into Helen’s life and the gift she has been given, beautifully written, highly recommend it, such a remarkable woman.” – Bernice


“Hi Helen, I just finished reading your wonderful book ‘Hands of an Angel’. I couldn’t put it down, you are an amazing writer. Looking forward to your next book which I hope to see on the shelves in the near future! There will have to be a follow up as the story was getting very interesting as your life was being taken in a totally new direction. I loved the way to brought us back to your childhood, as you wrote about it all in a beautiful way. You have a natural ability as a writer and the message of hope you shared is definitely needed at this time on our planet. Love, Light and Blessings.” – Ruth


“This was an excellent read and extremely uplifting. It gave great insight into spiritual healing and how angels effect us in our reality. It left me interested in learning more.” – Laura Ruddy


“I really enjoyed reading this book. Helen Parry Jones takes us on a journey through her childhood and beyond and introduces us to her guide, who has helped her to understand and develop her gifts. In spite of setbacks, such as denial and disapproval from her parents; Helen has remained strong and true to herself. Helen’s style of writing is very engaging, down to earth, informative, friendly and memorable. I could not put down this book. I felt like I was chatting with an old, well loved friend.” – Zelda Senior (5 Stars)


“I strongly recommend this book! I have read many angel books and this has been the most real, exciting account of a journey with angels, which I felt I was brought along this Journey. I could not put it down! Read it in 7hrs! If ever one needed hope, this is a book which will provide that hope in abundance! Loved it!” – Marian


“I couldn’t wait to read this book. It was a charming and gripping read that never disappointed and guaranteed to jerk the odd tear. Helen is a phenomenon. My only problem with it was that I finished it too quickly. Bring on the sequel.” – Carol


“The conspiratorial tones of this book narrated by the young  Helen is oozing with warmth and excitement! The budding relationship with Sam her guide is particularly touching, as are her descriptions of her parent’s bewilderment at her gift. In a time of such global misery this book is a ray of golden sunshine, full to the brim with love, hope and sparkling spirituality!! Love it!!” – Lynda


“I could not put this book down! It is a fascinating insight into the turbulent world of a spiritual healer. Helen writes with a compelling and frank style. You can literally feel yourself in the room with her at various points in the book. I loved it, and have enormous respect for her as an author. If you want a taste of the life of a person who is tacitly and deeply connected to the spirit world do not miss this book.” – Nick


“I cannot recommend this book highly enough! I had been waiting for it to come out for ages, and now that I have it, I can’t put it down! Besides learning more about Helen’s amazing gift, it is a thumping great read! No ‘ghost writers’ here – pardon the pun!” – Daire


“I received your book as a Christmas gift and I read it in one night. I couldn’t put it down!” – Marian


“I have just finished reading your book, it was really brilliant and I read it in 2 days, I couldn’t put it down.” – Breda


“Dear Helen, I am very spiritual myself and was guided to buy your book by surprise. I was fascinated by it and couldnt stop reading until it was finished. It has answered so many questions and finally made me believe, something I was lacking before. You are a very inspirational healer. Wishing you the very Best.” – Cheers Michael


“I have just read your book ‘Hands of an Angel’ which I received for Christmas and was very impressed with your story. The way the book is written speaks to the reader in such an open and honest way. I look forward to reading more about your life of healing and spirituality. I have a great affinity with my angels and learnt so much from your book. Thank you Helen.”


“I have just put down your book “Hands of an Angel”, I did not want it to end, I loved it!” – With love Joan


“Greetings Helen. I have just read with astonishment and joy and grateful thanks your book “Hands of an Angel”. It actually fell off the shelf in the bookshop on Monday – two days ago – with a loud bang, so I couldn’t ignore it. A doctors visit earlier with diagnosis of a chest infection allowed me time and space to read your words and appreciate your work. Thank You, and Spirit too. Many thanks and every blessings to you. Grasolas ‘is solas chugat.” Dolores


“Brilliant read …… Comforting fantastic interesting amazing read x”. Sandra


Gail Peacock reviews Hands of an Angel Posted on Tuesday, 01 May 2012 in Book Reviews

“I feel privileged to have been asked to give a candid review on Helen Parry Jones new book ‘Hands of an Angel’. As a Medium myself, I can appreciate and understand Helen’s sometimes difficult but rewarding spiritual journey.

This book is a really inspiring insight into Helen’s beginning and interaction with her guide Sam and of her connection and healing abilities with the Angels. She simply tells you what she believes and of her own experiences and leaves you open, to make up your own mind. I would recommend this easy to read and soul searching book, a must read for anyone who is interested in spiritual matters. It particularly draws attention for parents to open up their minds to the possibility that they may have a child experiencing something similar. A wonderfully uplifting read that will leave you with a sense of warmth inside.” Gail Peacock (5 stars).


NEXUS Magazine review


“I am Australian and am writing from Sydney Australia. I have read and been affected and touched by Helen’s book ‘Hands of An Angel’. All the Best to the wonderful works you are doing in the world which I agree is in great need of more healing.” – Sally.

“Hi Helen. Dying to read the next one. Not really being interested in other book’s since finishing Hands of an Angel :)” – T Lambe

“I continue to be moved by and impressed by Helen’s story, and your’s together.  It is lovely to know that such gifts have been recognized, and that Helen now has the support, encouragement and commitment to allow her healing to extend across continents. I think it’s fair to say that the need was always there. So thank you.” – Sally

“I generally don’t do this sort of thing, but was so touched and moved by Helen’s story that I felt compelled to tell her the profound effect her book had on me. I am sure I am one of thousands and thousands.”

“I have just finished reading your inspirational book, the planet needs people like you especially at this time xx.” – Henry

“Your book was beautiful and so touching and emotional. Thank you for writing it and sharing it. With thanks and love.” – Nicky

“Just to say that the book is just amazing.I love to read it and read it again! Love the story about the angels and think I wish to have an angel like Sam to give me such a spiritual advices from time to time. Bless you!!! xxx” – Nas

“Loved loved loved your book! Inspirational, I know our loved ones never leave us and angels are all around us but so nice to read about it in your book, aww Sam what a star! xx ♥” – Robert

“Dear Helen, I have read your book “Hands of an Angel” and found it extremely fascinating and of great help. I have also recommended your book to friends and will be sending copies to my family in South Africa. My wife is also currently reading your book. Many thanks for your wonderful book and God Bless you. Many Thanks.” – Robert.

“Thank you Helen for such a wonderfully honest and inspiring book. I was guided to buy your book in an obscure book shop, when I wasn’t really looking for anything. Your story rang many bells in my heart and confirmed a lot of truths, that I have learnt through the years. I love it when knowledge falls in your lap when you most need it. Thank you and l send you my love all the way from Australia.” – Kerrie

“Hi Helen, I’ve just finished reading my book and I loved every page! Thanks.” – Suzanne

 “Hi I won’t go on and on as I’m sure you get lots of emails but I just want to say that I have spent the whole of today reading your book from start to end. I have read loads of angel books as I’m mad about them, but I totally loved yours. Take Care.” – Jo

“Many thanks for such a special evening. I haven’t experienced that level of relaxation for such a long time. Thank you so much Helen. John was sorry he missed the session . He would love to have been there! Not to worry we will book him in for a session next time you are over.Thank you so much.” – Mary

“Just reading your book, can’t put it down!!!!” – Maria

“Hello 🙂 Few weeks ago I was in Tesco and decided to look at the book isle (I hardly ever look at books!) and I found only one copy of your book left. I picked it up had a flick through, put it back, went back to it and bought it 🙂 and i have to say its one of my best buys for a while! Absolutely beautiful journey and Sam!!! He’s just amazing! Thank you very much for such an amazing book 🙂 Namaste ♥” – Amanda

“Hi Helen, I have just finished reading your amazing book and would love to meet you. I couldn’t put it down. Incredible. I am a member of the Holistic Healers Association.  Love, light and laughter. xx” – Emma

“Helen, I just had to let you know how much I loved your book Hands of an Angel, I am a healthcare at our local hospital and read it on my journey to and from work. It has bought me great pleasure and insight to a subject I love, (angels). I really look forward to your next book, thank you again x Angel blessings to you and your family.” – Lorraine

“Hello Helen. I’ve just finished reading your book, Hands of an Angel. I bought it in Tesco Ireland, it jumped out at me. It’s one of the best books I have read to date. I’m friends with a facebook page, Sacred Space. We have discussed you in detail and they are all going out to buy the book. Tesco wont know what’s hit them. Helen your an inspiration to all of us. Sending Love and Light ” – Christina

“Hi Helen, I just wanted to say a huge thankyou for sharing your experiences with us in your fantastic book. I was gripped, I couldn’t put it down. I know that we are all surrounded by these amazing souls of love and light and consider myself to be extremely lucky to have felt their presence from time to time, although I have never seen them. I am a true believer. I hope one day to understand more of my lifes purpose. A big kiss to Sam, what a beautiful soul. Thankyou again and i look forward to another book if you choose to write one you are great namaste xxxxxxxxxxx” -Deborah

“Just read your book and thought it was a great read, so much so I was up tip 4,30am to finish reading it!” – Jan

“Helen I have just finished reading your 1st book and wanted tell you well done. I really enjoyed and couldn’t put it down, I identified with so much you said. You are hopefully writing another one to continue your story. Once again Helen lovely book and written from your heart. Love and light and angel blessings.” – Marian xxx

“Hello Helen. I have just read your wonderful book. Thank you for such a gift.” – Sarah

“With a grateful heart I say thank you for Destiny to have guided my hands to reach for this beautiful book. Helen knows how to touch your heart with her straightforward and friendly words. I just couldn’t put the book down! It just answered so many of my questions about the afterlife, and the world of the Spirits! I always thought Angels do exist but with this book I am more than convinced! A book full of hope and encouragement in our world, we need to hear about such things. To often unfortunately we are being told that our world is all about crimes, violence of all sorts, but with Helen’s book you discover that we are helped with a personal Guide, and a Guardian Angel, and if you want to really feel all the rich and amazing experiences of Helen’s gift just reach for her marvelous book! It was just before Christmas that I bought it and it was my best present from my spiritual Guide! When you finish “Hands of an Angel” you feel part of Helen’s life and you want to meet such a beautiful Person!” – Miss Papillon

“I have just finished reading your book & didn’t want the book to end, looking forward to the next one.” – Karen x
“I am french and I live in France. My daughter, bought your book for me. I have just finished it. I want to thank you for this book, thank you for having shared your experience, it was really a big pleasure to read it. Thank you so much.” – Fabienne

“I also didn’t want the book to end, so looking forward to the next installment. Your book has brought me so much comfort. Thank you, two small words, such a big meaning x”
“I am still reading your fantastic book… I am enthralled with it so far and I must say it is far more than a good read – it is amazing. You are such an exceptional person and you are here on earth helping others and healing people. You must be an angel yourself sent to help the planet in these times of change. Thank you for your enlightening help so far and may you thrive. Much Love. xx” – Linda
“I have just read your fantastic book, loved every minute of the read!! Amazing! Thank you for such a wonderful book and sharing your life story!” – Karen

“Hello Helen, I have nearly finished your book, and what an illuminating read it is. It is a wonderful book, so well written I have not been able to put it down. You have answered some of my questions with the recollections of your own life events.” – Carol

“Hi Helen I have just read your book you are one special lady and so gifted.” – Desa

“I loved the book and read it in 2 days.” – Love Marjorie

“I live in Perth, Western Australia. I just finished reading your book literally 10mins ago and may I say my goodness it was an amazing read!” – Maja

“I finished reading your book a week ago. It’s so well written and so informative. Enjoyed reading every page of it. I do hope you publish another one to enable us to get an insight of your journey from then to now. Love & Light to you.” – Christina

“What a lovely truthfulness life. Very intriguing, from the moment she meets Sam her guide to the present day and the things that happen along the way. Makes you more determined to carry on, no matter what people think about spiritual world. I would recommend this book.” – Adele Keeble (5 Stars)

“I saw you a few months ago on either The Late Late Show or the Saturday Night Show in Dublin. I bought your book last week and it is the first book in years that I run home from work to read, I’m addicted!  Congrats on your book, its brilliant!” – Aisling

“I really enjoyed this book as it took you through Helen’s childhood years with great detail rather than just snippets. Helen, thanks for sharing your life so far and I hope you continue to touch many more people.” – Stuart (5 Stars)

“I can`t remember when I bought this book or how long it was sat on the shelf waiting to be read, but I wish I had started it sooner. It has been the best book I have read in a long time, it goes into detail about the authors life; her infant hood, school life teenage years etc.. where some others skip over these details as they seem trivial to the reader (maybe maybe not), Helen tells you about all that she saw, all the Spirits that came to her and how she met her Guide Sam. There is a lot of detail about her life and how she went over to the other side with Sam and met healing Angels etc. Its very informative with out bogging you down. It won`t teach you things like meditation, but if you`ve seen/experience spirit like the author has, it may well help guide you in to the right direction. The only thing that disappointed me was the ending..her Dad, her marriage ending etc..WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!? I really hope Helen writes another book, it was a dream to read, thoroughly enjoyable from beginning to end. I would happily recommend this book for others to enjoy!” – Lewis (5 Stars)

“I have read your book, Hands of an Angel, and was transfixed from the first page.” – Maggie x

“I have just finished reading your wonderful book and have an overwhelming feeling to congratulate you and say how much I admire you for writing, what must have at times been, pretty difficult words.  It made me laugh, cry and even gasp and I absolutely couldn’t put it down!  I so hope you are writing another one, after all, your coffee with Richard that day really was the start of the rest of your life!

Your talent with writing truly makes the reader believe that you are talking personally to them.

Your tutorial with Sam, about the plight of the earth has had an effect on me.

In chapter 1, you ask, is seeing the world of spirit a gift or a curse?  In my opinion, it is a gift and one which, if most people were honest, they’d love to have.  Helen, you’re a very lucky person! Keep up the great work.” – Nicky

“Hi Helen, I just wanted to write to you and say how much I enjoyed your book. I thought it was wonderful and couldn’t put it down! I finished it very quickly and loved it… you have a warmth and compassion which is evident in your writing. Love and light.” – Amanda

“Thanks Helen. Just finished your book. Great book, there was a lot in it that helped. Thanks. Keep up the great work!” – Melanie

“Helen is there another books in the works? I absolutely loved “Hands of an Angel”. I couldn’t put it down!” – Alison

“I could not put the book down and read it one sitting. I spent many moments in tears as so much of the book touched me to my core. Thank you Helen…your book has given me hope that there are true healers out there.”

“I have read many books over the years, but this book I’ve just finished reading, (Hands of an Angel), was truly fascinating to read. I couldn’t put it down, a book like no other I’ve read. Helen is an amazing lady. The help she must give to a lot of people with peace and hope in their lives. I truly believe in all Helen has written in this book. Love and best wishes for the future.” – Patricia Lee x

“What a Fantastic read!!! An excellent book and written extremely well…The book kept you interested from start to finish. I could not put the book down…A fantastic in sight into the Physic world and very easy to understand. I loved the honesty of the writers thoughts and feelings and what an experience to go through from such a early age… I did not know what to expect at the start of the book, but it was so well written you felt you were on the same experience!! I would highly recommend this book to family and would not be disappointed!! Can’t wait for another book to come out…. I will certainly be following.” – Lisa.

“I was spell bound from the very beginning and wished the book had gone on for longer. I loved the explanations given for individual happenings and also understand the prejudices that people have. Helen reminded me of Doris Stokes and how I felt having read her books.”

“Love your book Helen, I read it last year and couldn’t put it down. A great read. I have recommended your book to a lot of people and hope that they find the same comfort from it that I did. Regards and thanks.” – Christina

“I have read your book which was recommended by my friend, which I really enjoyed. I didn’t want the book to end.” – Cathy, Adelaide, Australia

“I was disappointed to arrive at the last page of your book today. I never wanted the story to end! Reading your book was my favourite time of the day…” – Lisa, Australia.

“I have just finished reading your book and found it amazing.” – Danielle

“I’ve just completed reading your first book from my local library and i felt really inspired.” – Gerald, Durban, South Africa.

“A fascinating and moving story. This book covers Helen’s life-story from early childhood to her meeting Richard (her ‘soul-mate’). As a retired Mathematician and Science lecturer, I don’t normally read stories and biographies, but I found Helen’s ‘life story’ fascinating and moving. What a story! All the trials and tragedies she witnessed – that she foresaw and endured. It would make a good film. I can relate to a lot of the domestic details from my early childhood but not so strongly to the ‘dark’ events/happenings in her life. I guess she has a special gift and was sent to help. Whereas I don’t have that gift and so never witnessed all that.
Highly recommended, I read it in 3 days.” – David Oldfield

“Every now and then you read a book that grabs hold of your soul and you cannot put it down… a life changer. This is such a book! Wow so much more than a holiday read. It is an inspiring story of having the courage to be yourself and embrace the gifts you are born with. I felt compelled to ring the author for a ‘healing’ and the information she gave me was mind blowingly accurate and relevant without me even having to ask a single question… All this from a woman I had never met, who is thousands of miles away. ‘Hands of an Angel’ is honest, authentic and incredibly healing for all those seeking meaningfulness in life. Thank you so much Helen Parry Jones for having the courage to share your incredible life with the world in order to inspire and enhance the lives of many thousands of people.” – Karen, Australia (5 Stars)



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