Radio & TV

Steve Gilmour Interviews Helen on Talk Radio Europe, Spain

To listen to Helen being interviewed on 20th April 2012 by Steve Gilmour on Talk Radio Europe, please Click Here.


Brendan O’Connor interviews Helen on the Saturday Night Show

Helen healing brendan

Brendan O’Connor interviews Helen on one of the most popular TV shows in Ireland, the ‘Saturday Night Show’.

Click Here to view the video direct from RTE website, skip to 00:35:25 if you would like to just watch Helen’s interview. Video expires 29/12/2012


Joe Nash Interviews Helen on Limerick’s Live 95 FM

To listen to Joe Nash interviewing Helen on Limerick’s Live 95 fm Click Here and scroll down to 16/11/2011.


Keith Finnegan Interviews Helen on Galway Bay FM

To listen to Keith Finnegan interviewing  Helen on Galway Bay FM, you can listen to the podcast by clicking Click Here and scroll down, then click on Friday 18th November 2011.


Pete Price Interviews Helen on Radio City 96.7

To listen to Pete Price interviewing Helen, you can listen to the podcast from iTunes by clicking Click Here and clicking onto podcast number 6 on the 3/4/12.


Sybil & Martin, The Morning Show, TV 3 Ireland

Helen talks about her spiritual abilities and the launch of “Hands of an Angel” in Ireland.

Segment 9th November 2011.

Click Here to watch online.


BBC Radio 4, Woman’s Hour – Interview with Jenni Murray

Helen is interviewd by Woman’s Hour – Jenni Murray, in a short debate on the existance of the Spirit World, with guest Deborah Hyde of the Skeptic Magazine. – “Fact or Fiction?” – 25th January 2012.

Listen to the full nine minute Radio 4 Woman’s Hour segment – Click Here


RTE 1 Gay Byrne Late Late Show, Ireland

Lenny Henry starts to tease Helen and then he falls to the ground as his chair collapses into three pieces and some scenery falls on top of him, on live TV. – March 1996.


 RTE 1 Ryan Tubridy Late Late Show, Ireland

Tubridy interviews Helen and then tests her ability to ‘spiritual assess’ illness on two volunteers he selected with 100% accuracey. – 28th October 2011.

Click Here for the full show on RTE website and drag the timer to 00.55.00 minutes.


The Sunday Session with Helen Parry Jones, Sunshine 106.8FM

Helen’s weekly LIVE TALK phone-in radio show, broadcasting Helen’s special ability to offer spiritual guidance to her ‘callers’ : 2011 summer season: archive links expired.



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