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I booked a private appointment with Helen and was determined to keep my mind open and my mouth shut for the 30 minutes I would be in her company.

‘Your father’s been waiting all day to see you,’ she told me as soon as we met. Helen slipped a cassette into a tape recorder and explained that she would be recording our meeting for me to take home.

It was a strange experience. I have no doubt that Helen was communicating with my father and that he was speaking to me through her.

Leaving Helen, I felt that 80-85% of what she had said to me was accurate. When my mother and other family members heard the tape they were able to fill in some of the gaps and Helen’s accuracy rate rose to about 95%. At worst, she is one hell of a good guesser. – Eileen Bennett : NOW Magasine


“At first I didn’t know what to expect. Well, from the first moment I saw Helen I was totally put at ease. She has a fantastic way with people. Once Helen started, my understanding of what Helen could do, exploded. I was surrounded by relatives and friends who had passed on. Her descriptions and chat were just spot on. Never had I felt such joy, wonder and goose bumps all at the same time. I talked the night away to my folks, about Helen, my sitting, and how amazing she was. This was indeed a special night that will remain engraved forever in my thoughts.” – Liam


“I just want to say what a profound experience it was meeting Helen and receiving the messages through her from my family. I believe this will have a fundamental and wonderful effect on my life from now on. It was massively comforting and calming through all the tears and there were plenty later that day. I listened to the tape again and my goodness there was so much in there. It was so lovely to hear my dad’s message through Helen that he is enjoying walking and getting around. She even picked up on his bad teeth – I know he hated his old set! Thank you so much, the reading was more than I could have ever hoped for. I know that I will come and see you again in time Helen, lots of love.” – Jacquie xx


“My sister met with you out in Dun Laoghaire and told me all about her wonderful experience with you. I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for the healing and the beautiful energy you gave to her. It is great to see her so much happier in herself and positive again. You truly have been given a great gift from God and I just wanted to thank you for sharing it with her because she means so much to me and all our family. I listened to your interview on the radio and found it so interesting, I could have listened to you and Andrea all day! 🙂 Again I just want to THANK YOU FROM MY HEART for looking after her, you have really given her such a boost and great strength Helen to be able to deal with her journey, THANK YOU SO MUCH.” – P


“Hi Helen, Just wanted to say Hi and you are truly amazing, and have helped all my family so much, huge huge hug xx” – DM


“Hi Helen. You helped me through a really rough patch about 10 years ago. I thought of you today and decided to Google you. Just to let you know that you were spot on. I was convinced I was going back to America and you said not. You also said that I was going to be blissfully happy with someone who would really love me. I am now happily married and living in France and Germany. If you are ever in this area – it would be lovely to see you. If you are ever in France – you are welcome to come and stay at our farmhouse. Funny, my hands are starting to tingle. Kindest regards.” Linda Nicholson.


“I know it has only been two days since I met you but I can genuinely say from the bottom of my heart that I have not felt this positive in years. You told me you felt as if a cork exploded and a lot of stress and low feelings had been released, and I can safely say I am feeling this already. I am embracing this feeling and am truly thankful for your healing. So thank you Helen for your healing, and thank you Richard for being the support that allows Helen to share her gift. I hope you know how much you can affect people’s lives.” – Orla


“After visiting you in Dublin for a private consultation, I feel away better, this is the first Christmas I wasn’t sick. I will be visiting you again. Thanks” – Brid


“I feel truly blessed to have been healed by Helen. 6 years ago I had slipped disc and sciata for which I received absolutely no medical intervention, only Helen’s healing. My mother has had a long list over the years, including a trapped nerve in her shoulder, knee and back problems. I have 100% faith in Helen. Helen is a living Angel. – Michelle, Cork


“I was at your show last night and was completely blown away, Helen you were so accurate and when you told met that i had a little angel in Heaven, (I miscarried at 11 weeks) called S… it was amazing!! You mentioned two men, one being my father and mentioned my mother, her birthday was on the 15th February and you said 14th Feb (how accurate). I didnt want it to end last night! You are an amazing lady! Thank you again for a wonderful show and I will definitley be telling my friends about you, i think you are BRILLIANT!! Wishing you light and love Patxxoo”


“You are such a lovely person, and you made me feel totally relaxed as soon as I met you. You were able to tell me the information which I was hoping to hear. And as a result of that, I now feel able to move on with my life and am, for the first time in a long time, looking forward to what the future might bring. 🙂 Thank you so much Helen. I have no doubt we will meet again.” – Shauna


“During my sitting, Helen talked of an old drinking friend of mine called Billie who had died some time ago. Billie spoke about my grandfather in spirit. I was very impressed by what she said. Suddenly Helen said, ‘Who’s Floss?’ That was the name of an Auntie of mine who had died. Helen said she had a cat sitting on her lap, which had a name sounding like Fluffit; my Auntie did have a cat but its name was Chuchitt!! However, Auntie had funny teeth so when she spoke the words often sounded quite strange. Helen went on to tell me I was going to have an association with America and also she could see me in a silver car in Turkey. In fact I had been to Cypress in the May of that year and an American friend had taken me across the Turkish boarder – in his silver car of course! Helen then told me I had been suffering from a lot of migraine headaches and explained that they were caused in my case by a build up of pressure by blocking out the spirit world. She said if I opened my heart and mind to spirit the head aches would go. When I returned home that night I closed my eyes and did the Absent Healing meditation Helen asked me to do and I have not had a migraine since! Knowing Helen has been life changing for me.” – Nigel


“My Mam booked a ticket to see Helen at a group healing session. After the healing group, Mam came home really happy and excited. All she kept saying was, “Helen is so amazing!” All her aches and pains went and she was much more confident in herself. About six months later, Mam’s back started playing up again because she had been over-doing it. This time I made Mam a private appointment. Her arthritis in her knees and back stopped hurting again. Mam is generally a very stressful character, but after a healing session with Helen I witnessed Mam always coming out with such an overwhelming look of peace and calm.

The first time I seen Helen for myself, she did an overall body healing on me. The immense heat I felt after she placed her hands anywhere near my body was really strong. She told me I had a medical problem, which I didn’t know I had. She said I had an underactive thyroid, which was causing my hair to be much thinner than it should be and I was feeling very low and tired all the time, which I was! Helen told me to have it checked by the doctor as I needed some tablets. I had this checked and the doctor confirmed the diagnosis for me and put me on the correct medication. The overwhelming feeling I got from that first visit had me in tears, as I felt such an amazing emotional release. For days after I experienced tremendous calm and tranquility throughout my body. From time to time I come to see Helen when I am feeling low and have been coming for about seven years now. Occasionally, Helen will sense when my thyroid is playing up and then I go to the doctors and independently he will advise me to alter my tablet dosage. Helen is always right!!

Helen has also given me some messages from my Dad who passed over many years before. I knew it was my Dad because one of the first things Helen said he was talking about was a lemon coloured canary! When he was alive, we had a bright yellow canary for years. Nearly every time Mam or me go to see Helen, Dad comes to say hello especially when it’s someone’s birthday in the family and then he tells Helen the date and the persons name just in case we forgot. Amazing!

One time I put a deposit on a house and Dad advised me not to go through with the purchase, which was a relief because it didn’t feel right. I thought I might loose my deposit, but Dad said I must insist that I must have it returned. I got my deposit back like Dad said I would and six months later the house devalued about 100,000 euro because of the economic crisis. Thanks Dad!

Just knowing that Helen is only a phone call away gives Mam and me comfort. To sum her up – I would say Helen is a beacon of light.” – Pauline


“Helen has reunited my family with my Dad who passed over fourteen years ago. He was always skeptical about mediums and during my sitting was reluctant to come through at first, in fact near the end of the sitting when he hadn’t shown up at all, I asked if my Dad was there because of all the people who had wanted to be made known to me that day he was the one I really wanted.  He was waiting outside the door seemingly, and once I asked, he came into the room and when he realised he could communicate with me there was no stopping him. I cried but I was so happy, it meant so much to me.

I subsequently brought my sisters to see Helen and Dad made contact with each of them. Dad said it made him very happy to be able to talk to his girls and now he has a strong link to us through Helen.  This has given us all much comfort and reassurance.  I had always felt that he was still with us, but Helen confirmed it and I know he is still keeping up with our lives.

I suffered with my stomach so I visited Helen for healing. Helen could ‘see’ all the inflammation in my abdomen and after her spiritual examination, she ‘saw’ a small ulcer that she then operated on. She thought she had removed it, but there was a lot of inflammation. I remember driving home afterwards, nearly doubled over in pain. I had an upper G.I. endoscopy. It showed an unexplainable area of inflammation and scarring but no ulcer.  They couldn’t explain it. I genuinely believe Helen healed the ulcer while I was on her healing table and subsequently through absent healing which I did every evening.

I had also suffered with neck and lower back pain for a number of years. I have regular sessions with Helen, which helps me immensely. I had a healing session with Helen last Sunday and my back feels great now.

With my success with healing, I encouraged my 83 year old mother to seek help from Helen. Mum had a particularly bad back and hip problem but after only one session with Helen she had no pain. My mother is a total believer in Helen’s abilities and relaxes totally into the healing sessions.  She sings Helen’s praises to everyone.  My sister and sister-in-law have also sought Helen’s healing. Naturally, I want everyone to discover what Helen can do for them. I am so happy to have met Helen. I have heard about other healers or mediums, but I have no interest in going to them. That doesn’t interest me anymore. Helen is now in my life, our lives and I have no need of any other healer. She is indeed, an amazing woman!” – Daire


“I have never been what you might call an official paying client of Helens, mainly because if I need to know anything, I just have to wait a day or two before she comes into my café for something and then I can have a good chat with her. So everything that I have heard Helen say to me or to others has been spoken about openly over ‘food and beverage’!

When I have had my own psychic messages from Helen, what has surprised me most is how quickly what she says comes true. Only last Saturday afternoon, out of the blue Helen says we were going to be moving home very soon. One of the places we would be offered was apparently still under construction and it was going to be over a shop. I had a good laugh, as although I am eager to move, the recession is biting us so hard the reality of a move of home might be a minimum of two years away. Two days later we were offered an apartment rent-free for three years, still under construction and over a shop. With what Helen has said – it has to be worth a serious viewing!

Another really interesting psychic message was given to a lovely couple called C and M. Helen told M that she felt her husband dealt in cars from a big car showroom. Helen began to tell M that the current structure was going to come down completely and a large purpose built showroom was soon to be erected. M was very dismissive as she explained to Helen that due to planning restrictions that although they had planned such a project, the district planners would only a very compromised extension as large areas of the existing building was ‘protected brickwork’ and had to be incorporated into the design. I could see that Helen was becoming a little frustrated as she kept insisting the planners would somehow by pass all that protected brickwork and the whole place was going to be new, fabulous and purpose built; stubbornly, M was having none of it!!

Before tensions got too high, Helens reading was interrupted by a phone call from M’s husband. After about two minutes on the phone, M’s face paled and looked openly stressed. Apparently over the last few hours there had been a big fire at the car showrooms, resulting in the whole place being burned to the ground. So the purpose built new structure was now very much on the agenda! Pretty guaranteed I thought! What amazed me most was how the reading was so much “in the present”, not in the past, not in the future, but happening right NOW! The speed of Helens psychic messages gives a new meaning to the term ‘instant messaging’.

For me, the saddest news I have had resulting from Helens psychic abilities, was about 4 years ago. I was so very happy to find out that I was pregnant for the first time from my new husband, only to be told by Helen that this was not a viable pregnancy. I tried really hard to do what was right, but as Helen predicted, I lost the baby. Helen offered much reassurance to me during this sad time and predicted I would go on to have two more good healthy pregnancies resulting in beautiful boys; which was perfectly true.

Personally, I find it all very amazing!!” – Angela


“Helen says she has always been able to see and hear the spirit world and if my own experience is anything to go by, she is hard to disbelieve. My heart stopped in disbelief as she calmly told me my dead grandfather’s name – Bernard. Chocked with surprise and emotion, I was all ears as she went on to name my father and brother. She even told me my beloved granddad was wishing me a happy birthday, albeit five days too early. A few other names didn’t ring a bell, but a description of my grandfather’s jovial character and smart appearance was amazingly accurate.” – Anne


“Suddenly, I became very aware that Helen was looking at me very intently. Her look gave me an unusual feeling that I couldn’t quite put my finger on!! She said, “Mary, your Mum would like me to tell you your operation will be a great success and not to worry”. In an instant I felt like we had gone into a bubble. I was just spellbound listening to Helen talk. Helen told me all about my family as if she knew them all personally. She then went on to tell me in detail about a heart operation I was waiting for: in fact only my family and employers knew about this. The people and family situations Helen spoke to me about were absolutely amazing, to be honest it’s hard to put into words the profound effect this encounter had on me. I would say that it’s like she’s having a very normal conversation with an old friend. Needless to say my operation was a great success as my deceased Mother assured me.” – Ged


“I saw you on Friday nights Late Late Show and I thought you were amazing.” – Jennifer


“I was absolutely in awe of your appearance on the Late Late Show. (I’m not crazy on Turbidy, but when I saw you on I was very interested in what you had to say etc.)” – Joan


“I met you in Easons Cork on saturday. You took my breath away when you told me about my sister Claire passing. I miss her a lot. You left me happy but shaking. I am reading your lovely book now, thank you so much.” – Helena


“I saw Helen on the Late Late Show and we were inspired by her gift. Firstly I would like to say how angry I was with Ryan Tubridy as I feel his attitude was biased and judgmental. I was shocked at his mocking and inappropriate manner towards Helen.” – Gillian.


“I could feel heat coming from Helen during the healing, but thought maybe its because she has just washed her hands in hot water. But that couldn’t possibly explain it. I can also feel intense heat around my head when she holds her hands over me. I went from her after my first session and thought….. No! But a few days later I felt a lot better and so I kept coming to the Healing Centre. It does seem to relieve the pain. I certainly suggest spiritual healing to people who are looking for something more than present day medicine can give them. There is definitely something out there. But I don’t know what it is.” – Audrey


“I’m so blessed to have read your book. Thankyou so much. Love and hugs x.” – Lorraine


“Just finished your book which I found inspiring. Thank you.” – Marie


“After I visited you in January I went and purchased your book which I have read from cover to cover.  I just felt compelled to tell you that I loved it and couldn’t put it down.  You are a real inspiration, and give so much comfort to those of us who have lost loved ones and come to visit you for a reading.

Personally I would just like to say thank you, for having the courage to use your gift and abilities to help others.  It brought me great comfort after I visited you, and alot of the things you told me have started to happen. It is the light at the end of the tunnel that I have wished for, for so long. Thank you again Helen.” – Shauna


“Helen had only been on stage a couple of minutes and I knew she was instantly in touch with the spirit world. My youngest sister, Elizabeth, had died of cancer six months earlier and she had been mentally retarded all of her life. During Helens question time I asked whether people had normal lives in the spirit world; not giving any more information than that. Helens reply shook me to the roots. She explained that no physical or mental handicap was carried over into the next world; the only effects on our souls were of our actions created by ourselves and the life we lived. Helen didn’t know my sister was handicapped in this way. Because of this incontrovertible proof, I knew she was genuinely in touch with the other side.

Later I had a private sitting. I couldn’t believe it, my sitting was amazing and it helped to release all the pent up grief inside me caused by my sister’s death. The sitting confirmed that the personality of my sister Elizabeth was not only alive but happy and progressing in the spirit world. As it happened, the day of that sitting was also my husband’s birthday and during the sitting Elizabeth was quick to remind me of this, providing even more proof that she was surviving in a new life.” – Margaret


“I can happily endorse all that has said about Helen. I have personally known Helen for about three years now and have known about her since the early 90’s through a friend. Helen has enabled my family and I to connect with my Dad who passed 14 years ago and given us so much comfort. She is also a very gifted healer as I can attest to. She has healed my stomach ulcer and continues to give healing for my back and neck. My mother and sisters have also received healing, not to mention my dogs, who receive absent healing from Helen. Life is precious, yes, but there is so much more.. xxxDaire


“Hi Helen, I attended your amazing session last night for Bray Lakers. First of all thank you so much for giving your time for this fabulous club. I was one of the volunteers who you worked on. You seemed to feel a lot of sadness from me and rightly said that I have had a lot of grief in my life. Later when we were all having the group
healing I experienced very strong blue colours with red on top when you
came behind me and put your hands on my shoulders.” Joy

“Many thanks for such a special evening. I haven’t experienced that level of relaxation for such a long time. Thank you so much Helen. John was sorry he missed the session . He would love to have been there! Not to worry we will book him in for a session next time you are over. Thank you so much.” – Mary

“I had endometriosis but you worked on it there and then. I was very upset when I went home but was pregnant in November not long after meeting you. I will be forever grateful to you. I knew when you told my mom she had spastic para paresis. Very few people even in the medical profession knew the term and you knew just from standing over her. Thank you for helping her, I feel you held at bay the inevitable progression of her condition.” – Chris


“I would like to thank you for your Absent Healing. It really helps to bring some order in my thoughts and I don’t feel myself so desperate any longer.”


“Thank you very much Helen and thank you my Dear Angels. With regards.” – Natalia


“Hello Helen, I remember when I came to see you and you blew me away. You gave me great advice Helen, and you were very caring and understanding, and that is something I will never forget.” – Bernie (Bernardine) xx


“Hi Helen, I came for a private consultation many years ago and have never forgotten how positive an experience it was. I felt it was 10 years worth of psychotherapy in one hour! Many thanks.” – Louise


“It is nearly two weeks since I had my telephone session with you. I have been thinking about your messages every day and am still astonished about the accuracy with which you talked about my life, family and friends. Thank you so much for helping me with your insight and kindness. I don’t take your help for granted at all but find it precious. Also, I look forward to the publication of your second book. Thanks again. Kindest regards.” – Monica


“Just to say that yesterdays meeting with Helen was just great, so accurate it was incredible! Please pass on my regards and thanks.” – Nick.


“Just a quick msg to let you know of the predictions you gave me during my reading have already happened. You told me my hubby would injure his right knee & it may require microsurgery. 2 weeks ago he tore the cruciate ligament in his right knee & has been referred to a surgeon. You also told me to watch my son’s hearing & last week his teacher told me he had been staring at her face & to get his hearing checked. He has now been diagnosed with glue ear & referred to a specialist. I thought you’d be interested to hear of your accurate predictions & how quickly they’ve come around! Thank you Helen, you really are an angel here on earth xo” – Anne 

“The clarity and relevance Helen has offered me has enabled me to instantly release fear I have been carrying around for years and move forward in my life with certainty and confidence. I definitely feel a healing has taken place!” – Karen



5 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. Susan Hewitt said:

    Dear Helen,

    It was so lovely seeing you last week in London. Thank you so much for the time, love and energy that you have given me. You are a truly wonderful and amazing lady and would love to see you again.

    I am very grateful for all that time you spent giving me your healing and it was wonderful to hear all those messages from my love ones.

    Thank you to Richard too. God Bless.

    Susan H

  2. michelle daly said:

    We had such a wonderful night recently at Dublin’s Royal Marine Hotel with the group seminar. Helen, you really are a very gifted and spiritual lady. You were so accurate and I felt on top of the world the next day…also met your husband and son, what lovely genuine people.
    Hopefully we will get to meet you again soon.
    Michelle and Lisa

    • Hi Michelle and Lisa

      Thank you for your kind words. We all had a great evening didn’t we? So much love in the room.

      Another month or so and I will do another seminar.



  3. Hello Helen, I thank you for sharing your gift of healing and the wonderful accuracy in relaying information from the spirit world, and the time you spent speaking to each and everyone at your healing session. We were so happy to hear you speak of our loved ones in spirit and reassuring us that they are happy in their world and are always there with us. We will let others know how great you are. Love and blessings xox R M & K

    • I am so pleased you enjoyed the evening and found the healing messages true and accurate. I rely on word of mouth, so please spread the word to those in need, as you have suggested!



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